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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good Times with some '69s

The blog world is quite a fantastic place filled with awesome collectors of all ages at different stops on their collecting journeys.  I have had the great opportunity to meet and interact with so many of these great folks.  This quest to complete the 1969 Topps Set has taken many twists and turns.  So many folks have helped along the way and I haven't always done them justice with the recognition.  But I do appreciate the help everyone has provided.  This week really brought that home with a few additional bricks in the wall.

The first bit of help came from Mr. Haverkamp.  He reached out to me after reading a post on my friend Fuji's blog.  He offered to send some cards I was lacking and soon these arrived:
Very appreciative that a friend of a friend would jump out there to help me!  Thank you Jim!

The other arrival this week came from someone I'm very familiar with-P Town Tom.  Over the last couple of years, Tom and I have become quite the cardboard acquaintances.  We take turns dropping the hammer on each others mailbox regularly.  Tom has really helped out with some prime additions to my 69 set.  This week I received one that really struck a chord.  The travels that the card took to get to me were quite extensive.  The "character" of the card spoke to me.  I can only imagine the story behind the tape stain.  This card probably meant so much to someone at some point and now the weary tape stained traveler has come home again to where it can be appreciated.  Some cards exhibit this character and others simply do not.  I cannot imagine that a tape stained 1988 Donruss Ed Romero will stand the test of time but this one will:
Never forget just how great the folks out there are pretty awesome.  Most of us will never have the opportunity to meet in person but the fun and enjoyment that we bring to each others lives is priceless.

Thanks to Mr. Haverkamp, Tom, Mark and everyone out there that makes this E World such a great place to be!  Have a Great Weekend!


  1. I wasn't sure if "loved" cards were okay for your '69 set. Glad the McCovey has found a home!

  2. Glad to see that Jim was able to help you out.

  3. I have a #500 for trade, it looks NM, but it is not, an ever so slight corner crease (from holding it with others, nearly dropping it, which would have been better, but instead tried and caught it, and bent the upper right corner. email me jfmjr1@aol.com