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Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm in Love

Yes, you read it right. I have fallen in love again.  I have flirted with this girl before but someone else better always came along.  Well now, after this weekend, I'm ready to commit again.

To Vintage!

Yes! I am going full swing into vintage.  I spent hours on Saturday pouring through monster boxes of the stuff. Just finding more and more that I wanted to take home.  Let me share the goods

 Griffey Sr. Rookie for 2 Bucks in a Screw Down Case. Yes Please!!
 Graded 53 Topps at a PSA 6  for less than a blaster!  O yeah!
 SpaceMan, Rollie, Piniella, Blyleven, Hoyt, and two super vintage Braves-Hooray
 Got a Mincher!! Some sub 60's. Fergie Traded!
 I keep getting Jack Morris Rookies!  Jim Perry. 50's Bowman!!
 Santo and Marichal Traded!! Got a Reuss and a vintage Rose yes!
 Some super raw, super awesome football vintage. Two great names-King Hill and Tom Beers!!
And Coach Schottenheimer!  And a magically vintage caped crusader!
Gosh more vintage greatness!!!

Do you see why I have fallen in love????

I did pick up a few tradeables-I will get them posted on here later this week.  Until then swoon.


  1. No offense to Heritage but I like what you got there!

  2. Great Haul! Some great looking cards that span most sports. Griffey is my favourite.

  3. diggin that bob swift catchers card and rollie fingers in action

  4. While you weren't looking, I was flirting with your Bob Swift card. I'm sorry.

  5. Sorry to break it to ya... but I've been seeing your girl for a few years now. I don't mind sharing with you bro... it's the least I can do for one of the most generous bloggers out there.

    Welcome to the vintage card collectors club... those are some awesome additions! Love those 50's Bowmans... and Rollie in an Athletics jersey? Pure awesomeness!