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Friday, February 10, 2012

My PC Top Ten

I'm gonna try to be a little more focused on certain aspects of my personal collection this year, it's one of my goals.  When it comes to thinking about that, I have 35 players listed on my looking for tab. Well, for me, that's way too many to be chasing at one time.  So at this time I present the top 10 players on my PC radar for 2012....

1.  Gary Redus

2.  Josh Willingham

3.  Tony Pena

4.  Kent Tekulve

5.  Goose Gossage

6.  Matt Stairs

7.  Jimmy Key

8.  Steve Woodard

9.  Mark Whiten

10. Bob Hamelin
Looking for anything I don't have of these guys,so in the words of the Rock...JUST BRING IT!

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