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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Please talk me out of it!!!!!

After busting some 2011 Topps Updates, I am on the verge of making a very bad decision.  I am considering making a run at the Cognac Diamond Anniversary parallel set.  They are so nice and shiny!  I feel insane, please talk me out of it!!!!


  1. Nobody else is doing it! Everyone has tons of Cognac singles sitting around that they don't want!

    Oh, wait, talk you OUT of it.

    Um, nobody else is doing it! And you don't want to be different!

    Seriously, that's a big effing set. Take a look at other bloggers going after the platinum diamond anniversary parallels and how tough it's been for them. I gather Cognac is printed at the same rate. If you want to be insane, I have a small stack I'd be glad to send your way.

  2. Sorry can't help you... that set would look sweet displayed in a binder. I say go for it! Looks like there are several "lots" on the Bay... nice way to get things started. If you decide to do it... best of luck!

  3. i like those dang cards myself. 3 reasons not to do it -
    1.frivolous crap like this is why al quaeda hates us.
    2. time spent chasing these cards could be better spent writing the great american novel
    3. if you actually succeed and collect them all - ummm...sorry bro..i cant think of a single negative...hehe good luck