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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Topps Diamond Giveaway-Jackie Robinson Die Cut Tracker

I recently acquired a Jackie Robinson Die Cut on the Diamond Giveaway.

 I receive more offers for this card than any other I have had, probably a dozen a day.  Some are legitimate, some are tempting, some are downright embarrassing!  I have decided until I accept an offer for this card, I will chart the daily offers for this card here on my blog.  So here are the offers for 5/17:

Offer 1
1972 Hal MCrae
1972 Jim Spencer
1972 Tommy Harper
1973 Pat Dobson
1973 Johnny Bench/Dick Allen HR Leaders
1973 Tommie Agee
1973 George Culver
1974 Al Campaneris/Chris Speier AS Shortstops
1984 ERA Leaders Fingers/Palmer/Guidry
1987 Record Breakers Clemens
1987 Paul Molitor
1989 AS Ozzie Smith
1989 AS Wade Boggs

Offer 2
1975 Willie McCovey

Offer 3
1956 Jim Delsing

Offer 4
1973 Ollie Brown
1976 Jerry Grote
1980 Ron Leflore
1980 Mike Sadek
1982 Dennis Eckersley
1983 Ross Baumgarten
1985 Dave Stegman
1986 Ken Schrom
1987 Vida Blue
1987 Tony Gwynn
1987 AS Tony Gwynn
1988 Steve Jeltz
1990 AS Ryne Sandberg
1990 Bruce Hurst
1992 Rafael Palmeiro
2000 Eli Marrero
2008 Brendan Ryan

Offer 5
1974 Lee May
1976 Hrabosky/Gossage
1976 Rick Rhoden
1977 Jim Mason
1979 Ron Schueler
1980 Silvio Martinez
1982 Al Oliver In Action
1985 Roy Smith
1986 Reggie Jackson
1987 Steve Garvey
1987 Eddie Murray
1993 Gary Scott
1993 Stan Royer
1996 Andre Dawson
2005 Rafael Betancourt
2006 Kenny Rogers

Nothing here I can't live without.  Any thoughts on today's offers for the Robinson?  I will try to update this daily.


  1. Lol, I'm so neurotic. I got an offer within ten minutes of this post and pulled the trigger. Jackie is gone. Hope I don't have buyers remorse.

  2. I was going to say hold out because I turned my Hellickson die cut into more than either of those offers, then I saw your comment...


  3. Ended up getting a 57, 58, and 5 69's I needed,

  4. You were getting some of the same offers as I was because I have the same Robinson diecut.

    I plan to claim mine without a trade, unless someone totally bowls me over -- but it appears that is way beyond the traders' capabilities.