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Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer of Giving-25,000 Card Giveaway

Some of you may be aware of my Pay it Forward Card Project.  For the last couple of years, I have sent cards from my collection to team and player collectors that could hopefully use them in their pc.  I have been sorting cards for a while now and I'm ready to kick it up to a whole 'nother level.  Starting this week, I'm going to be sending out cards in my Summer of Giving.  From April 5th-October 5th I'm going to be sending out packages and blogging my progress here!  My goal is to send out 25,000 cards between now and October.  Contest coming soon!  So........I have a few buddies who I know what to send but what do you collect-looking for some recipients!


  1. Let me know if my last e-mail made it through. Yahoo likes to screw with me haha.

  2. You're in my batch going out tomorrow. Lots of Dodger Goodness.

  3. Hey! My name is Spiegel and I'd like to get in on this. Check out my blog:Nomo's Sushi Platter and we can work on a trade. I mostly collect Dodgers but have some other PCs also.