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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post 8-Pay it Forward Card Project

Someone asked me to write a post about my Pay it Forward Card Project and what is all about.  Its really not a new idea, I know traders that have done the same thing for years.  Its simply just a way for me to give back to fellow collectors and make the hobby fun for them and me too.  I keep lists for all three sports of traders that I know collect certain teams and in some cases players.  As I spend some time each week sorting cards by sport and team, I set aside the teams that I know can be used by someone else.  As time and finances allow I ship these out to my friends and a lot of times to traders I have never even traded with before.  I know it's fun to receive cards and even more enjoyable when you weren't expecting them.  24 surprise packages sent out so far this calendar year.  That includes 9 that were sent out today.  Where are they going?  Who's going to receive them?  I'm not saying but then again that's part of the fun!


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