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Saturday, June 24, 2017

World Cup of Trading-----The Match Beyond

Well my friends the time to make World Cup of Trading claims has passed but now for those that staked a claim and want to trade we are entering the Match Beyond. 

I have updated the original WCOT post and removed the items that I've decided to keep.  Now for FOUR days those that are already in the game may claim 5 more cards.  No need to try to cover them in our trade just consider them my gift to you.  Theres still some good stuff in there too.  So until Wednesday night at 9pm central you have the second chance to claim some more if you were already in the fun.  Just remember only five additional cards for each trader.



  1. Thanks wes. Just commented under there with mine. Was hard. Too much goods. Those Strata are great but love my choices and very happy

  2. That's an awesome thing to do. Thank you!

  3. I just left a comment, thank you so much. I also sent an envelope your way.