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Friday, August 18, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 21- Greg Zakwin

Welcome to the next to last entry in the 2017 World Cup of Trading.  Todays entrant is Greg from PTSIA.  He sent a damn whopper.

He took these two off the board

Here us the return fire
The Bear and his mini me
Let the Willinghammer flow
A nice numbered bird
Another cool bird
An autograhed Bird of the Falcon variety
Some Mascot Fun
The Mavericks
Hot Ladies
Pretty sure Redus destroyed that baseball
Some IP auto gold
And another
And another. Israel reminds me of Borat
7 scrubs and a hammer
There is a storm a brewin
I followed the directions
Hot ink!
Oooh bella
RTR with this beauty
Maybe my best Maverick Auto ever
The final blow came courtesy of a Chicken.  Damn fine trade Greg!!  Thank you sir!

Next post will be the final entry from John.  Its a load!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 20- Tim B

Home stretch now sportsfans!  Only two more confirmed entries to share after today and just like the one I have to share today...ALL 3 ARE DOOZIES!

Today is all about my buddy Tim.  Tim only chose one card
Nice card but all he sent back was much much more...
 Who wouldn't love playin poker with these dudes!?
 Some sideways mascot fun
 Loving this Bulls Auto!
 Mad Dog
 Hammers still work sideways
 A gorgeous Josh
 Love the odd relics. This definitely works!
 Some TNA auto action!
 Get the table!
 Love me some Sasha
 Cant beat the Heartbreak Kid
 Can you smell what Tim is cookin?
An absolute beauty brings us to a finish.  Jolly good show sir!!  Thank you!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

I love fragments of the farm

After receiving some very cool Fragment of the Farm cards from PTown I decided to do some searching and found one I couldn't do without
So much is right with this card!  Topps got this one right

Friday, August 4, 2017

1985 Topps Gary Redus More than meets the eye

You know Im a Gary Redus nut if you've been here before.  But today Im gonna show off something that Ive been watching on ebay for a while.  

First is a normal 1985 Redus. Cool card. Not epic but still Redus
Now here is the Topps Vault Color Mask Negative

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 19- Lost Collector

Tonights entry comes from one of my longest running and best friends in the blogging world- AJ from the Lost Collector. AJ selected the below items

In return he sent me heart and soul.  True art. A beauty
 Simply awesome. This is the new centerpiece of my Josh Willingham collection.
AJ you touched my heart with this one dude!  Your very talented!  Thank you bro I love it!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 18- Angus

As the WCOT is slowly drawing to a close the entries are bringing straight fire.  Todays entry comes courtesy of Angus.  He claimed 3 Browns cards and sent me 3 staggering mailings in return.  Here is what he ordered

And the return just sit back and enjoy this ride........
 Angus hit me over the course of three packages.  I had to get a stock pic of this cd because the genuine article is in the car
 Angus was at the SD comicon and picked me up some great books
 Jerry Lawler is a comtributor
 He also snagged me a Deadpool book which i look forward to reading
 Now lets show some cards
 Its a Bravos smorgasbord of food issues
 And some Bravos autos
 Some wood from a true fan fave in Horner
 Now the tide will roll
 Some HOF ink
 This beautiful gem is #d to only 25
 Angus shared a story that had seen the young lady perform!
 Now for the Red Birds
 Some relics

 And now the autograph blitz begins
 Love that Newcombe
 So many autos

 Sumolysimply gorgeous patch auto
 Love the helmet autos
 Now we are gonna get into Hammertime
 Oh i love the canvas autos
 A young star in the making
 Beautiful Hammer Alert
 Magical etchings
 Finally this "gem" is a leftover from my war with Tony.  The sticker below was intended to be a weapon of mass destruction in that war
 And finally!!!! Ive got the briefcase and a title shot whenever I want it!!  ABSOLUTELY KILLER!!!

Angus, you are a trading stud. Enjoyed your packages so much!!  Thank you Thank you!!

Up next is AJ