Welcome to my blog. I want the Josh Willingham cards. All of them.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Willinghammer hoarding on comc

So i had been assembling a haul ofWillinghams on comc since December.   Finally pushed the ship button...

As Chris Jericho would say....drink it in maaaaaaaaan

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bo makes my mailbox come to life!

Bo, of Baseball Cards Come to Life fame, was nice enough to drop some hammers on me today!
Thank you very much Bo!  I will be sending return your way soon!  Eleven points for you in my year long contest as well!

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Welcome to episode 2 of TMT!  Last week your favorite Jedi ghost won the right to return for another week.  What interesting characters will join Ghost Ben this week?  Who will garner the votes to return in episode 3?  You be the judge!

 Ben has a winning materials gold parallel #d to 50. These are not the droids we are looking for...move along
 Joe Carter is here with an ultimate star
 Lego pig is on the future watch.  Oink oink
 Big Al brings you Big Josh
 Baker Smurf has a cool aqua heroes relic
 Pizza pizza 5/25
 These chromes are both /35 and they brought the muscle.  Muscle Men
Oh what a rushhhhhhh.  The Leeeeeeeeegion of Doooooooom.
This slick dual auto is /55 and brought to you by Hawk and Animal.

So who is your favorite this week?  Will Ghost Kenobi return or will his reign be a short one?  You decide!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 4 of the yearlong Willinghammer Round UPdate

After four weeks here is how we stand...

Card Papoy:  38 points
Baseball card Breakdown:  24 points
BB Cards come to life:  11 points
Uncle Tiny:  8 points

Im told there will be some new names on the board next week!  Send me joshes and get points to draft for cards that include this weeks additions:
 Jon is refractory and 089/199
 Vintage hoop goodness
 Super low numbered cubby love
 And a pair of clubhouse collection relics
Tune in tomorrow for Thursday Mailday Theatre including the scintillating return of ghost Ben!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two huge cards arrive in Hazel Green

Had a different plan for my post today but breaking news required a change in the headlines.  This is definitely not fake news but real cardboard news.

Uncle Tiny had been telling me to be on the lookout for a card he swung a deal for on sportlots for me.  Its been a while and we bith thought it may be lost forever until today
An absolute beauty and numbered to 11!  I believe the complete run spells out THE HAMMER.  Thanks to Uncle Tiny for this gem!  Four points for you sir!

Another cardboard Kevin, the Card Papoy had also told me to be looking out for a card but he didn't tell me how prepared I should be...
 Holy 1 of 1 Batman.  I have been wowed by my friend from France!
I shall not forget this my friend!  Previously i had stated that four points would be the max for any card but I'm adding a 1/1 addendum.  10 points for the Card Papoy!  MERCI MERCI

Monday, February 20, 2017

An ultimate find but not a white whale

First and foremost let me show some love to BWTP for putting me on the scent of this bad boy.  What rests inside this beautifully pillowed package??
 For slightly less than the cost of a blaster I scored this magnificent Willinghammer masterpiece!
But its only numbered to 5 so i guess it wouldn't be a white whale.  So what have I captured?  A rare rhinoceros or perhaps an endangered panther.  Maybe we can come up with a new hobby term together!! So what animal do you think should represent a rare find numbered to five?  What say you?

Friday, February 17, 2017

6 Years

Just took a glance and realized 6 years ago today was the first post here at jbf junk.  Wow what a long strange trip its been!  Thanks to those that have read or still read my drivel!  Have a great day!