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Thursday, July 20, 2017

World Cup of Trading Deadline August 14th

Good evening everyone!  Just wanted to pass along that I have decided the deadline for WCOT entries will be August 14th.  That gives the final seven time to get their entries in under the wire.  Its looking like a very strong field for my last hurrah and I thank you all for that!  Have a great night friends!

World Cup of Trading Entrant 9/Wave 2- Gavin

Today we have a very special add on to entrant 9 for the World Cup of Trading!  Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown strikes again!

 Well Hello There
 Theres a top 40 hit if I ever saw one
 Fantastic kiss just for me
 The chicks are hot
 But these Willinghammer customs
 Are even hotter
 Not available for retail purchases
 These hot hammers
 Are 1/1 beauties from the custom lab of Dr. BCB
The weathering is spot on.  You are an artist sir!  Great addition to your WCOT ENTRY my friend!! Thank you!

Up next is the 2017 entry for defending WCOT champion and my arch rival Mr Bob Walk.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 15- Billy

Today I want to share a slobber knocker of a WCOT entry.  This one comes courtesy of Billy K.  Billy claimed three items...
 A nice cube full of relics
 A cube of basketball
A nice low numbered triple relic

In return he sent a wrestling heavy return trade
 A couple of neat sunoco tokens
 A well weathered Brutus bendie. DIDNT HAVE IT!
 Jean Clad Stone Cold!  DIDNT HAVE IT
 Here comes the Ax here comes the Smasher.   Well this is Smash and Crush but I DIDNT HAVE EITHER
 Ooooo hello Angelina
 Loving this gold ink Hacksaw
This is definitely a studly duel of a great classic team! Awesome!!

Thanks for a great trade Billy!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The best Biscuit ever

I have detailed my Gary Redus stories here before and today i have something new to share.  One of all time favorites is coaching this year for the Montgomery Biscuits. AND THERE IS A CARD!!!

 This is glory!
If any of you guys collect an older somewhat obscure player then you may understand the excitement that a new issue brings. Long live Redus!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Missing out on the Legends this year

Im still bumming that the Legends Fanfest isnt happening this year but life goes on.  I have been thinking about snagging an American Dream auto for a while and when the website put them on sale i decided to pounce.

 The Solie was a nice added surprise
 The Uncle Ivan was 7.50. I added it so i could get free shipping on the dream
Glad to have this one to add to my collection! RIP to the Russian Bear and the American Dream!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 14- Stealing Home

Time to show off the goods from my good brother from another mother.  O wanted the following three items...

In return he sent a plentiful bounty
 Look at those little ballers
 Button up
 Some auto action
 Time to get down Snake style

 Alabama love
 Never seen this much Broadway at one time
 Some flair with a pair of Bair
 I will not be using this beauty for any notes
 Now its getting crimson hot
 And now fire
 That is a bad ass AJ relic
 These will never be coastered
 But they will always be treasured!  Would love to know their backstory

My brother you smoked it!  Much love mi hermano

World Cup of Trading Entrant 13- Buckstore Cards

Perhaps over the years no one has been more in touch with my collection than DC from Sportscards from the Dollar store.  He only claimed one card in the initial WCOT offering...

And in returned he smashed me with this bubbler 
 Starting with some Mavs. I feel lucky to have seen the whole career of my favorite teams all time best player in Dirk.  All class
 Now some Cardinals. Same deal here as Ive gotten to see Larry Fitzgeralds whole career and hes also the Goat for his team.
 A great selection of Bravos
 Lets go Joe
 I think ill end up using this as a sticker
 Ginormous patch
 A Bama Product in White
 DC has always brought me the Tide Alumni in all their CFL glory
This Yeldon is absolutely NASTY FILTHY FOUR COLORS.

Thank you so much my friend.  This trade was all class just like you boss.