Welcome to my blog. I want the Josh Willingham cards. All of them.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WORLD CUP OF TRADING deadline and the match beyond

The deadline for claims on the World Cup will be Saturday at 8pm central.  After that the match beyond begins for those that made a claim.  Have fun

Monday, June 19, 2017

Still plenty of time to join the World Cup of Trading-Your last chance to trade with me

Please feel free to visit my post from yesterday and jump in the World Cup of Trading-so much good stuff still unclaimed.

After much contemplation this will be my last major blowout event on the blog.  As a matter of fact, I'm hanging up my guns as an active trader.  Too much overhead, time, cost, etc to do it the way I really like to do it.  Adulting has really been showing up on my plate lately and it sucks lol.  Not saying I'm not going to post anymore, also not saying that some of you may still someday receive a surprise from me but I am saying accumulating for the sake of hitting people with crazy trade monsters is over.

After the WCOT is over I will be finding a way to wrap up the yearlong Willinghammer contest I was running and get the cards distributed amongst those that helped me out with that quest this year.  I know I've stepped aside and backwards before and usually said never say never but this time I think the lions share of the work is done here.  It feels like time to rest and just occasionally show off a mailday.

But that's why I wanted to make this WCOT so great as hopefully one last great gift to the blogs and all my friends.  So if you haven't yet go back one day and see if anything looks interesting to you!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

800th Post 2017 World Cup of Trading

Welcome to the 2017 WCOT.  Lets get right to the main event.

You may pick up to 3 items to trade for
Claims must occur on the comments here.  Sorry but FB Twitter or email claims won't be honored
Time stamp will be the tiebreaker on folks selecting the same item
If you dont intend to send a return trade please dont play
This is a pretty big endeavor for me and it may take me up to a month to send. Ill give you the same
Once i say approved in the comments please email me at lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com
May the best trader win

1st Place wins $100 paypal
2nd Place wins $50 paypal
3rd Place wins $25 paypal
4th Place wins a PC card package

How to win...
Make your selections
Trade me things you think I'll enjoy
I'll select the best 4 traders and one will win...

What Im looking for in trade
1. Josh Willingham cards...all if them
Mike Wilks Hardcourt Jersey cards
Steve Woodard Signature Rookies Autos
CrimsonTide autos all sports
Arizona Cardinals autos
Xfl jerseys or autos
Benchwarmer relics or autos
Wrestling relics or autos
Wrestling figures or memorabilia 
Gary Redus Obak autos
Obscure autos
Odd relics
Joe Namath
Ken Stabler

Final notes to consider
Please keep your trades secret as far as what your sending.  Makes it funner for me
If you need more info on any of this you should email me and ill help ya out

Here are the offerings