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Sunday, June 18, 2017

800th Post 2017 World Cup of Trading

Welcome to the 2017 WCOT.  Lets get right to the main event.

You may pick up to 3 items to trade for
Claims must occur on the comments here.  Sorry but FB Twitter or email claims won't be honored
Time stamp will be the tiebreaker on folks selecting the same item
If you dont intend to send a return trade please dont play
This is a pretty big endeavor for me and it may take me up to a month to send. Ill give you the same
Once i say approved in the comments please email me at lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com
May the best trader win

1st Place wins $100 paypal
2nd Place wins $50 paypal
3rd Place wins $25 paypal
4th Place wins a PC card package

How to win...
Make your selections
Trade me things you think I'll enjoy
I'll select the best 4 traders and one will win...

What Im looking for in trade
1. Josh Willingham cards...all if them
Mike Wilks Hardcourt Jersey cards
Steve Woodard Signature Rookies Autos
CrimsonTide autos all sports
Arizona Cardinals autos
Xfl jerseys or autos
Benchwarmer relics or autos
Wrestling relics or autos
Wrestling figures or memorabilia 
Gary Redus Obak autos
Obscure autos
Odd relics
Joe Namath
Ken Stabler

Final notes to consider
Please keep your trades secret as far as what your sending.  Makes it funner for me
If you need more info on any of this you should email me and ill help ya out

Here are the offerings


  1. That Braun Hi-Tek Auto has my name written all over it!

    1. I assume that you will take that to mean I claim it, of course.

      And have I got a Hammer for you.

  2. Wow, so generous! I'll claim the Carey, the Carmelo Relic, and the Mitchell jersey (since I missed on a jersey in the BFG!

    1. Beat me to the Mitchell Jersey, would have looked nice in my Giants room :-)

  3. Hinchman. I will claim that first then 2 more in a sec

  4. Can i claim that t206, Biggio and clowney auto?

    1. Biggio and Clowney APPROVED slightly beat out on the 206

  5. Could I call the Trevor Hoffman auto, gold Josh Donaldson, Bryce Harper relic?

  6. Gavin beat me to the Gold Donaldson, so I'd like to claim the DK relic of Donaldson. I think that will be the only "Bringer of Rain" card in my collection, because I sent the rest somewhere deep in the heart of Alabama. LOL
    Also, sign me up for the Addison Russell snowflake relic.
    Thanks for the cards, Wes! Hopefully, I'll be able to find some other cool things to send you way on top of what I already have in store. :)

  7. I'll take the stack of cards with the Jeter on top. I've been working on a package for you and will throw in some little surprises. Thanks!

  8. Since I missed out on the T206 can I claim the garbage pail kids relic?

  9. did i count two crosbys and a lemieux?

  10. Hey hey...late.
    Been cooking at the family BBQ.
    Am I too late for the Duke Snider?
    I claim it if not

  11. Pete Rose Autograph
    Silas Redd Autograph
    Tom Brady Game Used Quad

    Brandon L's Selections - Thanks Wes!

  12. Dang, I was out and just got home and looks like I missed out on some very cool items.

    Is the Leaf Draft Tyrann Mathieu autograph still available? I will look in a bit to see if there is anything else I would like to trade for

    1. Can I add the Louie the Lumberking Mascot Patch and Q Figure Hulk to my list?

  13. Time to get some stuff together for you. I'd like to claim the Score Brantley card, as well as the Kevin Hogan and Ricardo Louis cards. Lots of Browns to choose from. :-)

  14. I will throw a claim down on the two cody kessler's (redemption and optic auto) and the David Aardsma Topps Pristine. Thanks!

  15. I would like to take the NASCAR triple relic, the McDermott towel and the dele refractor please. I won't be able to ship out until mid-july though.

  16. Pedro relic, stack of basketball with Rudy T. on top, and the Karl Malone relic, please and thank you. I have a nice stack teday to send your way.

  17. Bobby Clarke Auto and Bortles Auto por favor.

  18. I only chose one before, but given your last post I'll choose two more - the Ginsberg and the stack with Jay Bruce on top. Thanks!

  19. OK, seems like I gave enough time for others, so I'll jump back in the water as well, I'm claiming the 1958 Ralph Terry and if the Raul Mondesi auto baseball - IF the ball is daddy Raul who played for the Dodgers. Not interested in Raul Jr.
    If it's Jr., I'll pass and claim 1952 Morrie Martin. Thanks!

  20. How about the Doerr auto and the pile of '56 football

  21. Am I too late for the Atwater?

    1. Definitely not too late my friend! APPROVED

  22. I'll add Deonte's Playbook auto to my 2/14 collection.

  23. I'd like to try to claim 3:
    Victor WWE wrestling card
    Jose Robles Phillies rookie
    It looks like you have some hand signed/ttm cards - I would take any of those