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Friday, June 30, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 2 Brandon L

Got three more packages today in for the WCOT.  I must tell you the fire is hot hot hot.

Tonight lets take a look at the trade of Brandon L.  BL is a longtime trading partner from CCW and great dude.  He selected three cards:

In return he slipped me a very diverse trade package:

 A nice Bill that I did not have!
 Some Cardinals
 A trio of colored Bama Alumni
 Some cards from coach Avery!
 Love that RB37 vip card
 A handful of Bama hardwooders. Never seen that Caffey or McDyess before
 A very nice triple relic auto
 Hot Bama Fire
 Love that Patch
 Brando is hitting all his bases by including this Expos auto
 Beauty of a Gerald
 LOVE that patch
He finished the deal with this Spree.  Ill always remember him for his yacht Milwaukees Best!

Big thanks to Brandon for a great trade package!  Ill have yours out asap.

On deck is James and my old friend P Town.  They both brought it STRONG