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Thursday, June 29, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 1 Corky

Time for the world cup of trading to take flight!  I mailed the first three packages today to 86314, 13440, and 13669.  Over the next couple of weeks I should have them all out.  But its now time to start show the entries as they arrive.

Entry 1 arrived courtesy of Corky from the Pack War blog.  Corky opted to trade for two cards and a figure.  Here are the items he selected:

His return fire did not disappoint!
 A very nice low numbered former Cardinal
 This one is a stunner.  I love the unique relics and this one certainly met the challenge.
 I got with Corky about these sketches before the WCOT.  The above sketch was inspired by the dirty group breaker that got caught swapping out a big hit for a Brandin Cooks card.  I love how this one turned out!
Last but certainly not least is this unique masterpiece.  I adopted the persona of the Count of Montefusco on Top Shelf Breaks so this one seemed perfect for Shawn to bring to life.  The count meets the count. SHAWN KILLED IT!

A great entry to kick off the WCOT.  Who will arrive next and join the fray?  I shall let you know!  Stay tuned


  1. WCOT FTW! My entry should arrive in a day or so... you're going to need a bigger toolbox for all those hammers.

  2. I'm with SCC - that Ford relic is the shiz!