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Monday, July 10, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 8- Tony L

I must admit that putting together these packages and posts have been kinda tough. Many have felt like going away letters to good friends.  This is one of those.  If I had a four horseman group of my closest bloggers then there is no doubt this Gentleman would be in my stable.  He is the cardboard attorney Tony L!

Tony only wanted one card and here it is!

And in typical TL fashion his retort was all class
 I've been JOSHED
 More Hammer Love
 Pure gold
This one is a damn stud numbered on 3/11.

Tony-  Thank you for everything my brother it has been an honor.  Always here if you need a madman.


  1. Glad you enjoyed, my friend. It's an honor to me that you've been so generous to me over the years.

  2. KABLAM went that last Hammer. Wow!