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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 10- Mark Hoyle

Quick question for you.  Whose the most well known person in our community that doesn't blog?  Answer is immediate for me.  Its Mark Hoyle.  Tonight we highlight the WCOT entry for Mr Hoyle.  He claimed two items:

 Ill always remember Mark as a vintage Wizard.

He hit me back with a very strong trade.

 I wont ever lose my love for mascots. This is a very cool one.
 These are from Mark's personal collection.  Up first the dirtiest player in the game!
 Lovr these old SI issues
 Classic Snake
 A legendary game from the year of my birth
 Epic. The Man. The Bear
 These are Mark Hoyle originals from the very first King of the Ring in Boston
 These are simply one of a kind
 The Rock and KOTR champ. The Magnificent One
 After the tournament the crowd got a taste of Hulkamania
 The Hulkster is taking control
The man in all his glory.

Mark this gathering of articles really is awesome. Thank you for sharing these personal items with me!!


  1. Great rasslin' photos. I saw Hulk wrestle as well.
    What memories.

  2. My pleasure. Tough competition in this WC