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Friday, July 7, 2017

World Cup of Trading Entrant 6- James Leaman

Entrant six is reader James Leaman.  James innocently claimed two cards and then the boom begins.  This man wants to win the World Cup!!!  James selected:

What followed from James is here 

 It all started with a nice stack of hammers
 A neat anniversary Josh
 Let the numbered bonanza begin
 Love those Elites
 Gypsy and gold
 Double vision gypsy minis
 A beautiful camo
 Now its getting serious
 Simply Exquisite
 My first artist proof autod hammer!
 Holy Printing Plate Hammer action Batman
 Below is the absolute stud
 Bowman Red 1/1
Bam Booom Kaboom.  Dang James thats gonna be hard for your competitors to top.  Many many thanks sir.  The WCOT IS NOW ON FIREEEE


  1. Sweet Mike Jacobs auto, my former classmate! :)

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  3. That was a killer mail day

  4. Yup, that's some good competition alright.
    I'm hoping for some good hunting at the card show tomorrow

  5. Gonna make it tough on the rest of us

  6. Pretty sure I sent you that 52 Topps card a few years ago. Glad it turned into all those Willinghams!