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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Great Cards from the TGSNHOF

The blogosphere's most famous Spastik Mooss recently reached out and said he had secured some things for me on COMC.  Can't wait to see the booty!

 The famous graded Waring makes an appearance!
 This looks like it could be a nice contribution to the 2015 Auto Project!
 Those Topps autos were a tough pull back in the day
 Double Vision!
 Two Low #'d Shiny
 Holy Crap
 Double Wow
This last one is truly exquisite! Triple Willinghammer Autos!!!!

This was more than I ever expected my friend!  Thank you!!

Watch out for a return shot someday soon!


  1. Willinghammer! Awesome package!

  2. Great package from the Moose!

  3. Glad you liked the cards - I'm finally out of Warings now lol!

    And Tony, either way works! I've been called Mooss, Moose, Moos, Spas, Spaz, Spastic, Spastik...everything under the Sun! That's what you get when your username is an intentional misspelling lol.