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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Give Peace a Chance

The time has come. Let's just call it a time limit draw...

Tony and I could probably keep going; I believe we both have the competitive nature to stoke this for a long time but we have decided to declare an Armistice.

The final blow which encouraged me to broker peace was sent by Tony's reinforcement from the Great White North...the official nature of this mailing ultimately made the decision to call it a draw an easy one.  You can't fight authority bro just can't fight it!!  Enjoy the fireworks!

 Tony had alluded to #greatwhitenorth in a recent trade package

I didn't know that I was going to be targeted by an official of such prestige
 The above note left me thinking that this was going to be something else
 This attack even had a mascot...Mr. Macdonald will be watching over my trade room for the rest of my days
John doesn't look intimidating but he made me feel like this was going to be a monster all its own
 This pile of humanity was awaiting  me inside the package
 I surmised this might have to do with my ROLL TIDE addiction
 I was right!  Great pile of Tiders
 Next up was an envelope that baffled me at first...A packet of Ozzie Smith awaiting???
 Oh my no!  It's the Bama Great Mr. Newsome
 Including my first rookie of Ozzie
 I instantly thought this might be Trent Richardson and BOOM
 Still hoping for good things for Trent
 I knew the prodigal Clevelander must be Antonio
 Oh yes it was piles of great Red Birds
 Including four stickers I needed
 And the below card which I had never seen before! A masterful oddball
 More Cardinals??
 A great pile
 This could be something really neat!!
 Lots of shinyness
 Delicious Orange Refractorness
 Camo Prizm
 24Kt Gold Swanny!!!

 A great rookie of Aeneas
 Honey Badger!
 Question marks always make me nervous
 Ah this is no name QB's
 The not so famous Mr. Goebel
 This guy is more famous for his current gig
 Murph highlights this pile of Bravos
 What a great Expos mini!
 I saved this one till the end...something told me this was the winner
 Ding Ding
 Ding Ding Ding
 Ding Ding Ding Ding
 The hits keep on coming
 Quite a contribution from Tony's Canadian Conspirator
 Mr. Harrell...I remember thinking he was going to eventually get his shot and make it happen
 OH Mr. Nova
 Booty-This is a sharp auto
 Expos Expos Expos

Thank you first of all to Angus for joining in our fray.  This was a very fun package to rip. It kept me up till 2AM my time, just couldn't put the cards down. 

Tony-Sir you are a gentleman and a scholar.  Your packages were very well planned and executed.  My madness was matched by your thoroughness.  This war will be my last of this type and I'm glad it was with you.  I look forward to paying you a visit later this summer.  It's been an honor to cross swords.


  1. Wes, thank you for the enjoyment and all the cards that this war has brought to me. I feel very honored to be the "last" of the wars of this kind, though I'm sure there are disappointed folks out there that they won't be the recipients of your largesse in such a mass-mailing way.

    I especially enjoyed the Alabama-baseball-player portion of this trade. I love the research aspects -- as you found out -- so it was incredibly enjoyable for me to find those guys. I only regret that I did not get you a Joe Sewell card as part of this exchange....perhaps another time.

    I'll add that the kids across the street -- especially the 9-year-old -- really loved the action figures you sent my way.

    Finally, let's plan on you coming over on a weekend when we can hit one of the local card shows too!

    1. And, I'll be posting my post tomorrow to wrap up the last, awesome monster you sent my way.

  2. What a battle this was, been fun watching yall go at it. Killer Kmart cards

  3. Wes, I'm glad you enjoyed the package, and I really enjoyed watching all of yours and Tony's write-ups of the war, and reading your blogs.

    From seeing by email what a nice guy Tony is over the last little while, I figured I could help out a bit from the football side of things. And I figured war usually escalates with allies. Don't feel that it is too official! (But I did think it would be fun to pay to mail it from work instead of the neighbourhood post office.)

    Anyway, not knowing until one of the late blog posts about the interest in Expos stuff, I only threw in the two pieces. I know I have more of the little Humpty Dumpty cards that I'll send along when I come across them, and am sure that I can find some other Expos stuff for you too.

    I'm glad that you needed (and appreciate) the Newsome rc. He was one of my favourite players, and I figured it would be a nice touch for a Tide supporter.