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Sunday, June 12, 2016

I got loot!

I am definitely a wrestling fan and I'm definitely a subscription whore.  When I heard there were four different wrestling subscription services out there I decided I would give each a try.  The first to arrive was from www.prowrestlingloot.com

 This was the run down of the loot!  I really like it when there is some kind of information that I can look to if I have any question about what a particular item was or what not.
 So Cal Pro Wrestling is about as far away from me as any federation can be but I will be checking it out!
 Also received this double signed 8x10 from the combatants of the DVD Main Event.  Super Sweet and not promised in the goodies-BONUS!
 Now this is super cool.  All the way from 1991 comes this swaggy Bushwhackers Pin!
 Oh my, a card, of the Hot Rod!
 How neat is that?
 A tribute for the Warrior. RIP
 Now I can get all the dirt on WCW.  I always thought I could book better cards than those fools
 Hayabusa!  Gave his all to the wrestling game.  I wasn't all that familiar since almost of all of his work was in FMW. RIP
 Finally is this 8x10 that I will definitely add to my wall of fame!  A former WCW World Heavyweight Champion
I was very impressed with my first load of Pro Wrestling Loot and I will be checking them out a second month at least.  Of course there are differences in pricing and content among all these subscriptions but I'm curious how well the other three will stack up!

Professionalism-5 Stars
It was branded, well packaged, and had an information card
Value-5 Stars
At $26.49 I feel like I got my moneys worth
Cool Factor-
Great variety in this first shipment.  I liked it a lot!


  1. I too am a sucker for subscription boxes... and with a pair of signed photos and a lucha libre wrestling mask, this box was a winner.

  2. There are four different pro wrestling subscription boxes? The only one I was aware of was WrestleCrate. That being said, I think this box was pretty cool, especially that Bushwhackers pin. I'm curious, did any of the photos come with any sort of authentication?

  3. Vinny Ru! He did a weekly podcast on the wrestling site I go to all the time, but recently left to do his own. That's a sweet box, I like his auto and the Piper card the best. I've only heard of SoCal Pro, but never looked at their roster.

    I might have to check this out, I don't get and loot boxes, but this sounds good.

  4. The Bushwackers were my boys back in the day!

  5. At one time I had all of those WWF pin's. Even though I'm not really a wrestling fan anymore, these things were very fun to see, and I am looking forward to seeing your other packages.

  6. Cool stuff. Not a wrestling guy but nice box

  7. Oh man the Bushwackers! That brings me back to watch WWF on Saturday mornings with my brother.

  8. You had me at "Lucha Libre Mask". I think I'd sign up for a Luchador "Mask of the Month" subscription without a second thought.