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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Highspots wrestling subscription box

It's time to review box 2 of 4 of the wrestling subscriptions I discovered for this past month.  This one came courtesy of Highspots...Let's see what lurks inside
 This wrestlecon shirt was a throw in.  Pretty neat for an around the house shirt.
 Don't know this lady but she is pretty cool and she autographed this 8x10
 3 DVD's from the High Spot Stash.  Indy's haven't really been my thing but I plan to watch all of these
 A 2009 WWE Metal Pendant Necklace.  Is this Kofi??
 A luchador sticker!
This shirt saved it for me!  Coal Miners Glove Match. Spin the Wheel Make the Deal

Professionalism-4 Stars
No information card that I saw, well packaged though

Value-4 Stars
At $46.74 I feel like the shirt saved it for me

Cool Factor-3.5 Stars
I think maybe this one just didn't hit the chord with me.  The DVDS are ok.  I was hoping to get a shoot interview or 2.  The auto is of someone I'm not familiar with but I'll definitely give Highspots another try.


  1. Looks like the auto is from Jade (Mia Yim), currently in TNA:



    (side note: Maria Kanellis. YUM!)

  2. Was just about to comment on Jade (Mia Yim) but the Jedi beat me to it. She was the Knockouts Champ for a bit and is usually in the title picture as of late.

    That is Kofi as well, I remember WWE Shopzone selling that forever.

    The shirt is cool, but I don't know if it would save it for me. Though the DVD's are nice, I'm curious about the Young Bucks one. I bet the BOLA one is good, I always hear how good they are. I think you got your money's worth, but if it was me, I'm not sure I'd do another month, at least not for a while.

  3. Not sure what my favorite item is in this box. Tough call between hot woman & sweet luchador sticker.