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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A peek inside the laboratory of a mad man

I've been seeing quite a few organization/card room posts around the blogosphere lately.  In the past others have inquired about my process, some even suggested I have a printing press in my basement.  No such truth to that but I am proud of my space and for the first time in my 27 year cardboard career I'm very happy with my process.
 The space in which I work must put at peace. Hence the wall of SLU's
 My binder area needs some work but I know what's there and how to get to it
 I use these old tool/parts boxes to store my pc cards as I binder them
 This is one of my staging areas for sorting boxes
 I'm way behind on sorting

I use the dresser below to store my excess sheets, sleeves, top loaders and other supplies.

 The below area is where the real magic happens.  These are my individual trader boxes
It's a never ending struggle to stay organized but it's fun to try!

If you're in or around the M-Town,WV area in the coming days I apologize in advance for possible disruption of your normally scheduled USPS service.


  1. Oh. My. Word. What is my name doing on that box?
    No. No. No. This simply won't do.
    I'm still digging out from the last package!


    I think Tom needs a 5000 count box with his name on it.

  3. I enjoyed the peek at the laboratory!

  4. Jesus.

    And oh snap, I see my name!

  5. I honestly envisioned one of those giant storage areas with a few forklifts scattered about. I'm kind of disappointed. ;)

  6. You mean you don't have any Minions in our basement ? Thanks for the sneak peak !

  7. Oh my. I'll apologize to my neighbors when they don't receive their mail.

  8. Love the wall of SLU's. I have a few scattered around my office, but I opened most of them up a few years ago to conserve space.

    P.S. Love that Reggie figurine. I've seen a few at the flea market and card shows here in the Bay Area, but they're pretty expensive. I think the cheapest I've ever seen it out here is for $25.

  9. I use an old dresser also.. Love the use of the tool box. Thanks for the peek

  10. I missed this last week. Love getting a glimpse inside your lair!

  11. The wall of Starting Lineups is awesome. I can see how that would put you in your happy place.Thanks for sharing!