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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

World Cup of Trading WE HAVE A WINNER TOP 6 REVEAL

After so much deliberation I have arrived upon a final six and we have a winner.  I went from 11 to six in my deliberations and then went about ranking the top six.  By all means this was a tremendously difficult decision.  I have added everyone that competed in the WCOT to my final going away trading list. I have also added everyone that I had listed on my Willinghammer contest on that list as well.  I will be working to get something to everyone on that list in the next month or so.  Then for the future this blog will be going dark. I will share maildays on twitter but dont plan to blog or actively trade.  Some very close acquaintances will still occasionally see me pop up in their mailboxes from time to time.  So anyway here is the big finale!  From #6 to 1.  I will have the paypal prizes out at the beginning of the month.

#6. The Daily Dimwit

#5.  Bob Walk the Plank

#4.  SCC

#3.  The Lost Collector

#2.  James

#1.  ANGUS

I want to again say THANK YOU to everyone that participated and made this a very hard decision!  I also must say Thank You to everyone thats ever read, commented, traded, bought, sold, or even just chatted via email.  Happy Trails Buckeroos.  Be good to yourself and each other!

Wes aka jaybarkerfan 


  1. Sad to see you go dark for a while, but thanks for being great!

  2. Congratulations to Angus -- who definitely helped my "war" with you come out much better for you than if I had done it alone!

  3. Now I have to go back and see what Angus sent you. This was quite a competition, and a testament to all the generous traders out there-yourself included. Congrats, Angus.

    p.s. A PWE is headed your way, as a small token of thanks. God speed, JBF.

  4. Thanks Wes! We'll miss you around here, but I know you'll still be around.

    Congrats to Angus!

  5. Congrats Angus! Too 4 for me.

    Gonna miss reading this Wes. See ya around on Twitter

  6. Congrats to the winner. Always cool to be involved in your contests. See you on twitter

  7. Quite a contest and farewell! Thanks for being you and pulling me into the blogosphere so long ago!

  8. Wow, thanks! There was sure a lot of great competition.

    I'm sure more stuff will still be finding its way to you now and then even with the blog going dark. Best wishes!

  9. Blog or not our work is far from finished......