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Sunday, January 15, 2017

A new era begins- Welcome to Willinghammer Rising!

Today is the first day in the rebirthing of the jaybarkerfan's junk blog as WILLINGHAMMER RISING!  Here I will be sharing my acquisition of all of the Josh Willingham cards that I can get.  #allofthem

Today I want to share some cards sent to me from my friend Brian who is the author of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.  He was nice enough to send me some Bammers(still recovering from that game), some Reduses, and most importantly some Willinghammers.

 A very nice selection of Hammers including a couple of Topps Colored Border Parallels and a Gypsy Paper Variation
 A beautiful IP auto.  Wonder if Brian TTM'ed this one
 A true beauty of gold majesticness
Piedmont Penmanship at its finest

Brian thank you for sending these my way.  A great way to kick off things here at Willinghammer Rising!


  1. Wait, what?
    We've witnessed you put forth changes on JBFJ before, but this one takes the cake. New focus and new name? Wow.
    Are you going the route of the Tim Wallach guy? Do you want all the Willinghammers? All of them!

  2. Awesome - the IP auto was literally IP, the guy I got from got it at Twins Fest back when the Willinghammer was a Twin.

  3. It's going to be hard for my brain to process that JBF has a new name!

  4. Good luck on your quest to obtain them all! Just picked one up for you at a show today(I hope it's one you don't already have).

  5. I thought all new card blog names had to be in Latin.

  6. Cool name. I have wanted a name change for years. I just fear nobody would no me if I did. I just have never liked my blogs name from the start lol.

    Looming forward to new posts buddy

  7. I can't even imagine the damage you could do on your Willingham collection by focusing on your time and resources. Good luck my friend.

    Maybe check the Blowout forums to see if some other Willingham super collectors are out there.

  8. Great new name, Wes! Good luck on your quest -- and I'll pull as many as I can to send your way.