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Friday, January 23, 2015

Another swap with Leiber88 from CCW

I've made a few deposits in the mailbox of the fellow CCW'er Leiber88.  He was kind enough to take a swing at many of my pc's this week.

 Brandon starts it out with a couple of Braves
 He transitions with a couple of Alabama Alumni
 Did he know that somehow Karsay wasn't in my Braves Binder?
 Moving right along to the Arizona Cardinals segment of this post, first the #'d
 Then the GU
 Brandon knows I dabble in Expos
This is the stud of this particular package.  Cardinal-Check, Auto-Check, Oddball-Check, Great Name-Check

Love the Case and it's another card going in the auto binder.  Doesn't seem like that long ago if I went on a long trip I had to secure a phone card to call home.  I'm getting old!

Thanks for the package Brandon. I will hit you up again very soon!

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